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Proudly, Metrogate San Jose Del Monte Bulacan is part of an existing residential property being developed as Moldex City by Moldex Properties, Inc., a vast naturally landscaped property with nature’s green lush vegetation. It is a fully gated, safe community and from here, you get to enjoy a great outdoor view of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges. 

  • Comfort, convenience and safety – these are the three banner considerations at the onset of the planning stage for the entire Moldex community. To ensure that comfort and convenience is provided at its highest level, a great amount of recreational facilities and amenities were provided. These first class amenities fulfills the promise of making modern living possible on a truly laid back environment. 
  • Fully Landscaped Entrance – Even from its entrance area, Metrogate San Jose Del Monte projects a powerful naturally adorned residential community. Right from the onset of its welcoming arc, you’ll understand what it means to be living on a completely serene community.   
  • Gated Community, including the perimeters – This is to enhance the exclusivity of the community and to make sure that the privacy of each resident is fully protected. With perimeter walls around, a strict security measure can be enforced thereby making the entire community a safe place to live. 
  • Fully Concreted Inner Access Roads – Wider and fully concreted roads are very necessary to enhance the movements of residents. It is always great to have two-way roads within the community. 
  • A Reliable Underground Drainage System – if there is a network of roads above ground, there is also a network of drainage outlets that eases out proper disposal of the community’s sanitary effluents. The underground drainage system is also making sure that surface run-offs whenever there is heavy rain, access roads are safe for cars and residents. 
  • Children’s Playground – This is a safer place for children to play and enjoy their school off days. 
  • Multi-Purpose Hall – This was created to accommodate private family affairs and to provide a venue for other community affairs.
  • Fitness Gym – A nice place for health conscious residents. With this facility, you can be assured of a more private place to spend your gym routines. 
  • Game Room – For those who want to relax, watch a movie or simply take a quick break from the day’s pressure. Come to our game room and enjoy your instant break. 
  • Kiddie Pool – No need to bring the children in another place. Right within the safe bounds of Metrogate San Jose, a kiddie pool is available for children to enjoy on weekends. 
  • Adult Pool – Side by side with the kids, parents can definitely share their weekends with their children cooling down on a pool within the safe grounds of the community. An amazing adult place to socialize as well. 
  • Basketball Court – Men of all ages always love basketball. Taking it out here than elsewhere is a great family advantage. This time around, no need for basketball fans and players to go somewhere and enjoy their favorite sports. Right within the safe zone of Metrogate San Jose Del Monte, men can enjoy their favorite sports. 
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